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Digimocracy is a website where you can get all current information about UK politics as well as current world news. Digimocracy is a service that hopes to make the news straightforward and readable once again. The problem with so many news outlets is that they often bury the facts and don’t give the average user a voice. With the help of Digimocracy we hope to create an open dialogue between users about current events and UK politics as well as a forum where we can actively and openly explain how these events will affect you.

We hope that you will join us on this journey and keep up-to-date with news and current affairs as a citizen. You should be able to check our site as well as comment and share your feedback from mobile devices, tablets computers and across multiple web browsers. We have designed our platform to be massively compatible and for regular updates throughout the day. This means that as soon as the story drops you will have the information you need to stay informed.

Citizens need to stay informed with what’s going on in UK politics as well as in current affairs in order to make quality Democratic decisions. If you are interested in taking an active role in the news or at least stay up-to-date with current events we would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you are interested in writing for Digimocracy or leave us a comment if you have some feedback on our stories.

Digimocracy invites you to join the debate and finally have your say on current events!

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